Living with Burkitt's

One family's experience with Burkitt's Lymphoma

At Home

There is no place like the familiar and comfortable surroundings of home to recover from an illness. However, caring for a cancer patient at home can be a lot of work too. Here is what we have learned.

Living with the cancer

Cabin fever

Celebrating a birthday

Celebrating the holidays

Coming home after chemotherapy

Comparison of two chemo treatments

Hair loss

Hitting bottom – Round 1

Hitting bottom – Round 2 (It’s was nothing like Round 1)

The PICC Line

Pleasantly bored

The great thing about friends

Visiting school

What is NPO?

Why do cancer patients lose their hair?

What worked for us

9 Household tips we learned at the hospital

Feeding a cancer patient (with Green Smoothie recipe)

Heightened hygiene

Home school

How technology has made this easier

Rules for visitors

The thermometer our oncologist recommends

Think twice about leaving the hospital if you’re not sure you’re ready

Family life

Dad’s perspective

A day at the zoo

Field trip to the Aerospace Museum

The gift of empathy

A healthy sibling’s perspective

How cancer has changed us

Make-a-Wish – Our first visit to The Wishing Place

Meeting the needs of other family members

Sleep deprivation

Thankful for today

The ties that bind

When another family member gets sick

Finances and Insurance

The trouble with Neupogen

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